Why Akinon and Not Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Why Akinon and Not
Adobe Commerce

Akinon is an ideal composable platform that will facilitate your commerce without limits.
Create the commerce experience you need for your customers and your business now and in the future.
Choose a vendor that won’t limit your commerce venture.

Top 4 Reasons

Why customers are migrating from Magento to Akinon.








Scale as and When Needed
The top reason that made our current customers migrate to Akinon is the limitations of their former monolithic solution. If your existing platform doesn’t allow you to grow efficiently, quickly and economically, or if it struggles with peaks, it may be time to take a look at Akinon.
Drive Your Unified Commerce Journey
Another reason companies migrate to Akinon is the convenience and ease of connecting and integrating all your sales channels and trading networks, whether online or offline. This equips your business with the opportunity to offer customers a consistent experience across all touchpoints and easily create marketplaces.
Compose Your Ideal Solution
Brands and retailers who have switched to Akinon discuss their previously unfulfilled flexibility needs: business requirements change constantly, and your digital platform shouldn’t block your growth. Akinon’s composable platform doesn’t lock you to a set of functionalities - not even to a single vendor. You choose what you need when you need it without costly or lengthy integrations.
Maximise Your Growth Through Akinon’s Broad Turnkey Features
Businesses whose system didn’t allow them to get going with the set of functionalities “within the box” have chosen Akinon because of the range of turnkey features that enable a fast and reliable service.

Start Small. Grow Fast. Bring Your Commerce to Life

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See the questions to ask your vendor and the telling signs to discover if it's time for you to switch.

What You Need to Know

What Is Composability?

Composability is a design approach that enables businesses to select blocks of functionalities from a platform based on their needs. These blocks are interchangeable, so each can be added, rearranged or removed at any point without creating any disruption.
With a composable platform, you can easily and quickly “compose” your desired commerce experience for your customers.

Composability allows you to adapt, pivot, and innovate more quickly: you can smoothly and readily change and re-compose your business functions to suit your customers’ needs.
Download the PDF to discover the advantages of composability for your business.

Headless, in short, means there is no pre-defined end-user interface you must use in your solution. A headless architecture provides all the pre-built connection points for you to design, use or build any experience of your choice at any endpoint.
Akinon is a headless solution designed headless first, with all the API endpoints you need whatever the device - and, yet, provides starter end-user interfaces to build your desired user experience.
One question for your current platform vendor is whether their headless solution allows you to use their page builder with someone else’s design and build for different endpoints.

Monolithic products are large functional self-contained applications which are complex to customise and need a specialist set of skills to extend: they are one-size-fits-all solutions. Specialist skills required to work with it are generally very expensive. Plus, any customisation limits updates and upgrades, having moved away from the vendor’s roadmap.

Adobe Commerce can be defined as a “headless monolith”: despite being a monolith, they have been moving towards a headless approach.

Contact us for more information on how migrating to Akinon would benefit you. We will review your specific numbers and calculate your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for both systems.