Akinon App Maker

Akinon App Maker

Build native mobile applications for both your customers’ mobile shopping experience and your employees’ internal use, fully accessible from the Apple & Google App Stores.
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Deliver consistent shopping
experience on all channels.

Fast Development
Reduce time-to-market and develop your mobile app with our low-code app maker faster than ever.
Toolkit Library
Akinon UI toolkit provides flexible, expandable and stable components that you can use to build your application.
Easy Deployment
Instantly forward release updates and critical bug fixes without disrupting your customers shopping experience.

Akinon UI toolkit library for a fast
and easy development

Base Templates for Mobile Commerce
Leverage our pre-built mobile templates and launch your app without sacrificing creativity.
Full Management to App Store Launch
Easily deploy your application to the App Store and Play Store with a single command.
Automated Update Management
Release updates and ensure your customers are using the latest version of your app, without re-installing.
Personalised Push Notification
Send notifications that are relevant to a user’s buying stage, location and time.
Mobile Framework for Rapid Creation
Build and run your mobile app with fast development & easy coding flexibilities.
Behaviour tracking and monitoring features will allow users to monitor platform deployments.

Future-proof technology

<span class="text-2xl">CLI</span>
Command-line Interface (CLI): with the predefined set of commands, you can create and manage mobile environments easily.
<span class="text-2xl">React Native</span>
React Native
Providing stable, uninterrupted performance, Akinon app maker offers a better online shopping experience.
<span class="text-2xl">API</span>
Fast, easy and seamless integration with Akinon APIs and ecosystem offering non-stop data flow of processes from end-to-end.
<span class="text-2xl">Cross-Platform Framework</span>
Cross-Platform Framework
Leverage our cross-platform framework to develop both Android and iOS applications from a single place.