Atasay’s ‘customisable’ commerce features: The digital golden goose of luxury jewellery retail

Atasay’s ‘customisable’
commerce features:
The digital golden goose of luxury jewellery retail

Atasay is a Turkey-based jewellery establishment founded in Denizli's Çivril district in 1937. Since then, Atasay has transformed from a tradesman to industrialised production, and has become a master jewellery designer.
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In need of a solution to launch the create your own wedding ring for MyLoove.
In need of an option to select matching wedding rings (his and hers) with a shop the look feature.
In need of custom options such as measurements, engraving and so forth.
In need of creating variants by weight, which will give customers cost transparency.

Atasay set its goal to offer customers the finest shopping experience using customizability as an advantage to attain the lead in the industry.

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Atasay has become a noticeably unique choice of brand in luxury goods and jewellery.

Year-Over-Year Growth
2021 - 2022

Brand Revenue
46.72%Brand Revenue
Order Valume
37.66%Order Volume
Average Order Valume
21.44%Avg. Order Value
Results & Capabilities

Results & Capabilities

Scalable, High Performing Storefront
Fast web performance built with development teams in mind. A perfect solution with low crash risk during peak shopping times such as wedding season.

Better Commerce, Better Conversion
More online orders and improved customer experiences with configurable SKU. Engaging customers in the selection process makes each purchase unique. E.g. Ring engravement, carat and weight variations.

Headless Commerce
A quick-to-implement decoupled technology that caters perfectly to a growing B2C business model where fast time-to-market is essential to maintain customers' attention with frequent front-end development.

Meeting Customer Demands
Encourage customers to buy bundle products by offering complimentary products, such as matching engagement or wedding rings for partners and encouraging customers to buy bundle products.