Koton E-commerce Transformation

Koton E-commerce Transformation: How Akinon Helped Overcome Koton’s Platform Limitations

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Koton is one of the biggest Turkish retailers that offer a wide range of fashion products, including clothing, footwear, and accessories, and caters to customers of all ages and styles. Their mission is to become one of the leading brands in the fashion industry. Koton operates in more than 24 countries with a strong presence in the Middle East and Europe.

Koton’s shift to Akinon is motivated by their desire to align with their business needs, scale, and have the flexibility to customize without constraints. Akinon offers extensive features that will enable them to achieve global success and elevate their online presence.

Achievements unlocked after migrating to Akinon

Şahika Ercümen Koton
Customization flexibility
Omnichannel retail
Lower Cost of Ownership
Vast headless capabilities
Internal mobile app management
Ability to fully open to markets, manage different stock/catalogs/pricing
Faster web loading speed. High performance during peak shopping seasons and campaign periods
Organized data. Fully integrated BI that collects data from all sales channels.

Akinon Solutions Implemented

Advantages of a Headless Storefront 

Advantages of a Headless Storefront 

Separating the frontend from the backend (going headless) allows greater flexibility and scalability when building websites. This solution is a golden choice for a fast-paced e-commerce company. 

Extensive data collection
The ability to quickly collect digital data, such as Google Analytics, is one of the headless storefront's strong suits. Gaining valuable insight into customer behavior will improve Koton’s overall website performance. Another benefit is - to be able to make standard configurations for SEO performance. A headless storefront gives Koton more control over their website’s meta tags and URLs, which are crucial for search engine optimization.

Feature-rich elements
One of Koton’s specific requirements was to implement the ‘’shop the look’’ feature, which allows customers to see a complete outfit and purchase with a single click. Going headless with their storefront provided this feature and will help increase sales and customer engagement. 

Flexible content management system
The most critical capability of a headless storefront, which most fashion retailers find practical, is the ability to make changes to the interface as and when desired; these changes include the addition/removal of widgets with an easy-to-use headless CMS, dealing strictly with the content.

Native Mobile App 

Native Mobile App

Managing an iOS and Android app internally rather than outsourcing it to a third party has several advantages for Koton. Some examples. 

Control and flexibility
By managing the app internally, Koton controls the app's features, design, and overall UX. Making it easier to align their brand goals with the apps.

Healthy development and deployment
Koton can assign projects to internal teams, such as developing new features and updates with quicker delivery compared to third-party outsourcing. Plus, internal teams will have the same goals and strategies, ensuring smooth collaboration overall. 

Managing the apps internally has become more cost-effective for Koton in the long run. Less expense on external developers or agencies to update and maintain their app, more budget for marketing purposes.

Catalog Management

Catalog Management

Supplying a catalog management feature open to marketplaces will help Koton increase sales, reach more customers and manage their products in one central location.

Besides increasing traffic and expansion, a catalog management system allows automated synchronized product inventory and pricing across multiple channels, which overall helps keep stock consistency with accurate real-time data.

Koton’s integrations with marketplaces such as Namshi, Hepsiburada, Morhipo, Trendyol, N11, and Koton.com is now supported with insights into customer behavior and sales.

Order Management and Orchestration

Order Management and Orchestration

Koton’s previous order management system was developed internally but now has switched to Akinon’s OMS.

Integration between ERP and Warehouse Management System (WMS) has been designed to process orders effectively, Including order dispatch orchestration, inventory tracking, picking and packing reporting, and more - ensuring a faster, safer, and more organized environment.

Now able to collect data and view total inventory from all sales channels, including warehouse and logged returns.

Page speed boost

Page speed boost

A website's loading speed can significantly impact user experience. When Koton realized this was becoming an issue for them, especially on their mobile web, they took immediate action. Using Akinon ensured:

Enhanced customer experience
Faster loading speed keeps customers active in session. Koton now offers a seamless experience that shortens customers’ consideration period and increases conversion.

SEO trigger
Google uses page speed as a ranking factor in the search algorithm. Koton’s now fast-loading mobile web page secures a higher chance of being ranked through organic searches - leading to discovery by more customers.

Bounce rate
Koton customers will stick around longer. Their page view bounce rates have dropped significantly, positively impacting revenue.



  • Is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that offers extended functionality and focuses on simplicity and ease of use.
  • Is composable, offering a flexible and modular architecture that allows easy customization and integration with other systems.
  • Is highly rated for its simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Offers pre-built integration with other services, such as third-party solutions.
  • It is extremely scalable to handle large amounts of data and traffic, suited for small, medium, or large-sized businesses.
Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

Akinon has provided several benefits to Koton, as it is a composable, cloud-based e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of features for omnichannel commerce.

Designed to be simple and user-friendly, making it easier for Koton's employees to manage and maintain the platform. Akinon’s architecture allows for easy customization and integration with other systems, which can help Koton streamline its operations and improve its overall efficiency.

The platform has provided many features, such as personalization and targeted marketing, improving customer experience. Because Akinon is cloud-based, it has also reduced hardware, maintenance, and IT costs.

Akinon also delivered pre-built integration with other services, which reduced integration costs and time. The build handles large amounts of data and traffic, which benefits Koton as their business grows.