Combining PaaS customizability with PBC convenience

Combining PaaS customizability with PBC convenience

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Akinon’s PaaS makes it easy for you to create, deploy and manage all types of commerce applications without the complexity of building, scaling and maintaining the infrastructure

Akinon’s Packaged
Business Capabilities

An assortment of Akinon’s features which offer best-of-breed commerce solutions.

A powerful headless commerce engine and feature-rich commerce functionality for creating one-of-a-kind shopping experiences.
Order Orchestration
A centralised system for managing orders across multiple channels reduces fulfilment expenses and delivery time.
Inventory Management
Merging inventory from multiple retail stores and warehouses, can increase available inventory and generate more sales.
Content Management
Create landing pages, banners, custom campaign pages, and much more effortlessly.
Price Management
Create new channels and link them to your preferred product catalogues and price lists.
Build scalable, easy to use and feature-rich digital commerce sites.
Add, organise and enrich product information to give customers a stronger understanding and trust of individual products.
Promotion Management
Create and schedule any promotion, coupon, discount, or campaign for specific products or categories, as well as segmented audiences, across all sales channels.
Order Orchestration
Turn any retail store into a distribution centre, optimise the fulfilment process, and cut costs by covering every unified commerce trend possible, including click-and-collect, ship-from-store, store-to-store, plus much more.

Scalable & Fast

Increase the site's capacity on-demand with our cloud solutions while enjoying blazing fast speeds and near-zero downtime regardless of the amount of traffic.

Begin Developing Immediately

You simply tap into Akinon’s PaaS to begin provisioning resources and developing immediately without installing the hardware or software.

Freedom for Your Developers

Solve unique business requirements by designing and deploying custom applications for your project.

Always Up-to-Date

Evolve continuously while accepting daily platform upgrades, focus on the revenues, and make Akinon Commerce Cloud the only commerce platform you will ever need.

Experiment with Less Risk

Test new operating systems, different languages and tools without any additional investment or infrastructure to run them.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Akinon PaaS reduces your overall application management, platform and maintenance costs.