How It Works

Akinon Commerce Cloud Services

An integrated, next-generation domain-orientated suite of enhanced services delivering feature-rich omnichannel and marketplace capabilities, working seamlessly across mobile, in-store solutions, full OMS distribution scenarios and much more.

Akinon Digital Commerce Platform

Akinon Digital Commerce Platform

Fast Implementation
Minimise go-to-market time of any business model whether B2C, D2C or B2B.
Multiple Channel & Multi-Region Management
Reach a broader audience with multi-currencies, multi-languages and interact with customers via multiple channels.
Storefront Design
Maintain full control over the storefront through a decoupled front-end and back-end architecture, offering total freedom to implement the best customer experience.
Omnichannel at The Core
Rapidly deliver complete mobile first strategies, comprehensive clienteling, customer service operations and live streaming social selling events, expanding your clients immersive digital trading experiences.
Sell from Anywhere
Give your customers the freedom to purchase and return at any location while you run an efficient omnichannel operation.
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Akinon OMS

Akinon OMS

Turn every location into a distribution centre
Store Fulfilment
Cover every possible omnichannel trend such as click-and-collect, ship-from-store, ship-to-store, store-to-store transfer and create a seamless fulfilment model to deliver exceptional customer service.
Complete Order Visibility
Obtaining a 360° view of inventory enables you to track products and avoid stock outs for a friction-free customer experience.
Configurable System
Orchestrate complex order fulfilment scenarios with simple configurations and boost the efficiency of your inventory.
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InStore App

InStore App

Unify your online and offline retail channels.
Endless InStore Aisles
Provide your customers a personalised shopping experience by giving your store associates the tools that bring all the advantages of online shopping to the physical store.
Omnichannel Retail
Turn your physical stores into distribution centres with Akinon InStore and enjoy Omnichannel at its full potential.
Multiple Product Delivery Options
Allow customers to place an order instantly and have it delivered to the location of their choice; either a pick-up point or any other address.
Seamless Management of Orders Across Channels
Delivering seamless management of customer orders across online, mobile, customer services, in-store to warehouse. Increasing customer satisfaction and confidence to meet their needs.
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Our Technology

Built with development teams in mind

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Enjoy ultimate flexibility and compose a unique solution fitting to your requirements thanks to Akinon’s ready-to-use Packaged Business Capabilities.
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Easily create, implement and integrate custom applications for your business without the worry of effecting the end-users experience.
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Unlock your creativity and design unique shopping experiences with a headless architecture that gives retailers freedom to customise without front-end limitations.


With Packaged Business Capabilities

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The Core of Your Commerce

An operational centre for managing your digital commerce business from channels, product information, content management to prices & inventory, promotions and more through one platform.

Akinon Integrator

Akinon Integrator

Easy and Hassle-Free Connection
Build, execute and manage multiple integration processes with our low-code integration environment, managing critical middleware interactions.
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