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Akinon Commerce Cloud

Akinon Commerce Cloud is a Platform as -a-Service (PaaS) environment for Akinon’s products such as Akinon Commerce, Omnitron, Akinon OMS, Akinon Instore App, and Akinon Native AppBuilder.

Fastest time-to-market

Scale to meet unforeseen customer demand

Unique customer experience from a unified commerce platform

Always on, always reliable, always speedy

Push Industry Boundaries

We ensure our customers the ability to respond to a rapidly changing ecommerce environment, and the ability to meet unexpected market demands. We aim to continuously create innovations and role them out to you with ease. Our platform is strong, fast and easily scalable. It is the ultimate tool to increase sales, cut time to market drastically and create seamless experiences across all channels for your customers. Simplify your ecommerce business within one easy to use platform.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce cost & simplify IT management with our proven to work infrastructure
  • Increase revenue and conversion rates blowing past your competition
  • Leverage this ultimate solution for your goals, global expansion, and omnichannel management.

Boost sales with Akinon Commerce platform

Akinon Commerce, top performing ecommerce platform offers high conversion rates with a tailor-made storefront. Enjoy seamless third-party integrations and create engaging shopping experiences with next-generation technology.

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Powering Next-Generation Omnichannel Experiences

A single center for all of your omni channel operations including an advanced catalogue management system and product management system allowing you to save time with otherwise tedious tasks. It is a tool that connects your CRM & ERP unifying all data to be seamlessly delivered to your instore app, native apps, OMS and commerce sales platform from one easy to use platform.

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The One-Stop Platform For All Inventory Locations

Manage your global inventory with ease. Akinon’s Order Management System automates a time consuming process by configuring the best location to ship products from, to deliver more efficient and effective customer service.

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Akinon Commerce Cloud

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