The Akinon Story

We boost your business by enabling you to transform your end-to-end
digital commerce through our cutting edge platform.

About Us

Akinon is formed by leading professionals with 20+ years of experience in the online retail industry thus, our solutions are built skillfully to suit our partners’ and customers’ needs in their journey of becoming an irreplaceable part of the digital commerce world.

Akinon Commerce Cloud equips businesses with next generation commerce solutions regulating a boost in revenue while offering comprehensive omnichannel customer experiences. It is integrated with a high performance application suite including omnichannel and marketplace capabilities, mobile and in-store solutions, Live Commerce, OMS, Integrator tool and App Builder.

Our Mission

At Akinon we aim to be ‘the’ complete solution platform with our innovative products, help businesses in the digital commerce industry grow with our thought leadership and to be able to create a global partner ecosystem. Not only do we ensure generating an advantage with our composable architecture which enables our customers to have bespoke end-to-end solutions, specific to their needs, we also exhilarate the journey of every stakeholder involved and transform those journeys into an experience.


  • Akinon global expansion new office: Netherlands.
  • Akinon present in 16 countries.
  • Series B funding raised.
  • Akinon receives Series A funding from a European VC.
  • Akinon expands into 10 countries.
  • Akinon grows by 17% and becomes market leader in Turkey.
  • Reached 300+ dedicated Akinonians.
  • Akinon goes international.
  • The start of an incredible journey!

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