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Our Story

Our Story

About Us

Akinon is a global software development company that provides state-of-the-art omnichannel commerce solutions to top retail brands worldwide.

Founded in 2016 and based on more than 20 years of retail industry experience, Akinon has created a cloud-based headless commerce platform whose technology is disrupting the retail industry and eliminating the need to re-platform ever again.

About Us

With Akinon Commerce Cloud, businesses are equipped with powerful and flexible commerce solutions that boost their revenues while offering holistic omnichannel customer experiences.

Akinon Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based headless commerce platform with an integrated next-generation application suite including omnichannel and marketplace capabilities, mobile and in-store solutions, and an OMS.

Alongside all this, we have a lot of fun in our colourful world while at the same time learning incredibly valuable lessons from each other.

We are on a mission...

Retail is undergoing a complete transformation. Our mission is to offer retailers the right tools to connect the dots between retail channels and help them offer their customers a truly holistic shopping experience, … and our mission matters more today than ever before.


Consumers want experiences, not just transactions, while retailers need the right digital toolkit to meet constantly evolving customer experience requirements in order to win business and remain relevant.


Retail is changing fast, and retailers that prioritise physical stores and face-to-face engagement over omnichannel strategies will struggle to respond to this change.


Retailers need a new approach as traditional eCommerce platforms are failing to provide the rapid digital transformation required while next generation solutions are prohibitively expensive.



The start of an incredible journey

2017 Q1

Welcome to Akinon! Our first client goes live

2017 Q3

Akinon goes international

2018 Q3

Akinon introduces the Native Mobile Apps & the Instore App

2018 Q4

40 brands are using Akinon Commerce Cloud

2019 Q1

Akinon OMS is now part of Akinon Commerce Cloud

2019 Q3

Akinon has expanded into 10 countries

2020 Q1

Akinon gets an investment from a European VC

2020 Q3

Our team reaches over 300 members

2020 Q4

More than 100 brands are using Akinon Commerce Cloud

2021 Q1

Akinon expands further and is now present in 17 countries

2021 Q1

Akinon celebrates the first Marketplace project

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