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Akinon is expanding globally and has transformed businesses and brands in 16 countries so far. Meet the customers we have helped unlock their full potential.

We’ve transformed these businesses:

Lacoste with AkinonSamsung with AkinonTefal with AkinonGap with AkinonUnder Armour with AkinonSamsonite with AkinonMarks & Spencer with AkinonRowenta with AkinonL'Occitane with AkinonBirkenstock with AkinonGant with AkinonConverse with AkinonKiko Milano with AkinonSephora with AkinonBanana Republic with AkinonGodiva with Akinon
Samsung trusted Akinon with a lot more than just a B2B integrated dealer network. See full details.
Customer Story
Within 12 months of launching, FashFed marketplace accounted for 19% of the total Eren Holding.
Customer Story
One of Türkiye’s top supermarket chains turns to unified commerce and raises the bar in their industry.
Customer Story


Akinon is an experienced business partner that makes every function of our omni-channels possible. After we decided to work with Akinon we were able to go live with all of our channels and offer a real omni-channel experience. With Akinon omni-channel technology we are progressing rapidly within Türkiye and in all of our operations abroad.

Arda Genç

Akinon is an important and reliable business partner for LC Waikiki in terms of strategy for our rapid expansion abroad. With Akinon we are able to create global operations quickly and easily without additional development effort and investment cost. Akinon offers all the technological infrastructure we need, with various products, within one cloud-based platform.

M. Salih Yilmaz
Assistant General Manager - E-commerce

The reason we prefer working with Akinon is the way they have impacted our digital transformation and processes as well as website. We have experienced not only support in terms of ecommerce strategy, but a team providing operational support. We feel that not only have we chosen a technology partner, but a long term strategic partnership that has been key in the development of our brands.

Kaan Çelikmen
Head of E-commerce & Digital Marketing
Marks & Spencer
Banana Republic

Akinon has been a tremendous partner in Sephora Türkiye’s E-Commerce journey. The global knowledge, quality of service and the user-friendliness of their platform made Akinon our #1 choice. They have created a convenient, agile, and personalised site that is best in class and played a huge role understanding strict business requirements and helped us simplify complex integrations.

Sedat Fırat
E-commerce Manager

The main advantage of using Akinon Commerce Cloud is that it eliminates investment costs. This is an important factor for all brands that offer omni-channel experiences. Akinon offers current technology and turnkey solutions at all times.

Fehime Garan
Senior E-commerce Manager

Even within a short time of implementing and using Akinon products we have achieved a significant increase in conversion rates. It has been a great advantage to use a single platform to provide us with numerous solutions and continuous improvements. As an omni channel solution, Akinon has allowed us to satisfy all of our needs and furthermore, manage our costs more effectively.

Öncü Özmete
Director of Customer Experience

The key issue in today's world for both brands and customers is speed. With the Akinon Commerce Cloud we handle this issue from both sides directly. We are able to offer our customers a fast and unique shopping experience. We no longer have problems with unexpected traffic increases during campaign periods. With the Akinon Commerce Cloud, it is comforting to know that we are prepared for whatever demands come our way.

Ceren Yıldız Gürcan
E-commerce, CRM & Marketing Manager
Kiğılı & Abdullah Kiğılı

Thanks to Akinon, we no longer experience bugs while updating our systems and our operations are running smoothly. Being on a platform on the cloud provides real efficiency. We can feel the transformation of our retail business in every sense.

Erdem Aklan
Marketing and E-commerce Manager
Ayakkabı Dünyası